Hosted Telephony is also called a hosted PBX or Hosted Telephone System.  Hosted Telephony can provide all of the features and benefits of an expensive business phone system but you just pay a monthly rental for each extension and the extension phone connects over the Internet using VoIP (Voice Over IP) to the centrally hosted PBX Phone System.  This means that is can easily be scaled up or down as required and that as long as your business has an Internet service then all of your extensions can be connected to the Hosted PBX service.  Just like any business telephone system solution, you can provide alternative routing in case your primary internet service fails and we can provide 4G backup connectivity which will work with your Hosted phone system extensions.

Our Hosted Telephony solution includes the rental of a high quality phone and we have a range of IP Phones (IP Telephones are the type of phone that connects to a VoIP PBX or VoIP Hosted Telephony service provider.